2013 Camaro SS Convertible

A Modern take on a Classic

My friend recenty picked up a new 2013 Camaro Convertible SS and sent me some pictures.

I have driven a V6 Camaro Convertible but not a V8 yet.

I really like how Chevy kept the classic lines of the old Camaro’s while at the same time making it look modern.

He said it was too quiet and added some Solo Performance Axel Back Muffler Delete Pipes.

I still love my classic but it must also be nice to have modern anemeties such as power windows, heated seats and cold AC!


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Here are some specs:

    • Body Style: Coupe
    • Size: Midsize
    • Market Segment: Performance
    • Weight: 3860 lbs
    • Length: 190.4 in.
    • Width: 75.5 in.
    • Height: 54.2 in.
    • Wheelbase: 112.3 in.
    • Ground Clearance: TBD
    • Front Track: 63.7 in.
    • Rear Track: 63.7 in.
    • Weight Distribution: 52/48
    • Drag Coefficient: 0.35
    • Seats: 4
    • Passenger Volume: TBD
    • Cargo Volume: 11.3 cu. ft.
    • Cargo Volume (Seats Folded): TBD
    • Volume: TBD
    • Leg Room: 42.4 in.
    • Head Room: 37.4 in.
    • Shoulder Room: 56.9 in.
    • Hip Room: TBD
    • Volume: TBD
    • Leg Room: 29.9 in.
    • Head Room: 35.3 in.
    • Shoulder Room: 50.42 in.
    • Hip Room: TBD
    • Fuel Type: Gas
    • Engine Type: 6.2L V8
    • Power: 426 hp @ 5900 rpm
    • Torque: 420 lb-ft @ 4600 rpm
    • Transmission: 6-Speed Manual
    • Highway Fuel Economy: 24 mpg
    • City Fuel Economy: 16 mpg
    • Forced Induction: None
    • Direct Injection: No
    • Layout: Rear Wheel Drive
    • Front Suspension: Multi-Link
    • Rear Suspension: Multi-Link
    • WHEELS
    • Front: 20″ Aluminum
    • Front Tires: P245/45ZR20
    • Rear: 20″ Aluminum
    • Rear Tires: P275/45ZR20
    • Trailer Weight: TBD
    • Payload: N/A
    • Tongue Weight: TBD


 Camaro SS Chevy Page

Fuel Injection Issues – Accel DFI?

Go back to a carb or stick with fuel injection?

I’ve been trying to track down a bogging issue I have  with the Camaro. A few shops I deal with just want to rip the fuel injection out and go carburetor but I don’t want to do that.

Spoke to my good friend Rich Plakas who used to have a fuel injected 72 Vette with a 383 engine. He said it looks similar to his setup which was an Accel DFI.

I need to snoop around the car and find the ECU box to know for sure and then I am going to talk to a few shops that tune late model GM cars and see if they can tune out my issues.

Stay “tuned” ;-)

darrin camaro fuel injection


From Accel’s site:

“Why Fuel Injection Over A Carburetor?

  1. Easy Starting in all weather conditions
  2. Better Idle Control with all engine combos
  3. Improved Acceleration / Throttle Response
  4. Improved Fuel Economy by 30% +
  5. Reduced Emissions (GO GREEN)
  6. Increased Horsepower and Torque
  7. Better control over any power adder, especially Nitrous
  8. The end of blowing your carburetor through the hood while using Nitrous Oxide
  9. No need to carry spare spark plugs
  10. The end of re-jetting the carburetor
  11. No need to buy a different carburetor because you changed the cam or heads
  12. AC Clutch Control, Cooling FAN Control, Knock Control



  1. The DFI EFI System offers the best overall Performance and Drivability over any carburetor and other EFI systems
  2. The only true aftermarket V.E. Based System
  3. Individual Cylinder Fuel control!
  4. Only system in its class with built in BAROMETRIC Sensor (Great while driving though mountains)
  5. OEM style diagnostics with CHECK ENGINE LIGHT
  6. Limp Home Mode technology (Never leave your car on the side of the road if a sensor fails)
  7. We cover more applications
  8. We Engineer & Build Precision Components to fit each application
  9. We have the only Complete Plug & Play Systems
  10. The only true EFI supported system through our EMIC Dealer Network (117 EMIC Locations Nationwide and growing)
  11. Our Pricing is very competitive
  12. Our commitment to our customers is unwavering”