How Darrin Gonchar Began His IT Career

Darrin Gonchar’s interest with computers started in high school.  He would occasionally bring home computers, and quickly found that he enjoyed taking them apart and putting them back together.  He went on to study IT at the College of Staten Island, and graduated with a Bachelor in Computer Science.  With his degree, Darrin Gonchar began working at a couple different companies.  Once he gained the experience that he needed, he took his strong knowledge of computers and decided to open his own company.


Darrin Gonchar started TCA Associates in his home in the year 2000.  The name TCA represented his three daughters at the time – Taylor, Caitlin and Amanda.  Once his fourth daughter, Samantha, was born, TCA Associates was renamed to CATS Technology Solutions Group, to include the names of all four of Darrin Gonchar’s beautiful daughters.  With the new company name came a lot of growth for CATS Technology.


It transformed into an award winning MSP located in East Brunswick, NJ.  Darrin Gonchar created a successful company with about 20 full time technicians who work around the clock to make sure that all clients are taken care of.  Darrin Gonchar truly built his company from the ground up; had a dream and with hard work and dedication, was able to make it happen.